Our aim is to connect all Student radio broadcasters across the Nordics. We wish to have an effective structure, allowing them to develop skills as broadcasters, journalists, technicians etc. and sharing their content across a larger platform.

The goals for the network are:

  • Strengthen Student Radio work locally.
  • Promote radio-focused exchanges within in the Nordics, facilitating mutual cultural understanding and networking with the next generation of media professionals.
  • Exchange music and give emerging artists from the Nordic countries access to a bigger audience.
  • Share news and information regarding student life and topics that matter to students and young people across the Nordics.
  • Exchange information on good practices and how to produce good quality student radio.

Most importantly this is an organization led by students, for students. Any decision made by Nordljud will always start from the very important question first:

‘Is this helping students in the Nordic countries?’.