Criminals use Spotify to launder money, student housing shortage in Umeå, we hear from two who met ‘Hvaldimir’ the whale in Sweden and Norway

The Nordic Studentradio News podcast for week 36, 2023.


A investigation by Swedish newpaper Svenska Dagsbladet found that criminal gangs in Sweden use Spotify to launder money.

Outdoor camping in Umeå / Visit Umeå

Environmental activists sue the Swedish change for not doing enough to tackle climate change.

White whale ‘Hvaldimir’ photographer by Daniel Larsen Johansen in southern Norway

News Presenter: Alexander Maxia

Reporters: Astrid Einarsson in Umeå – Sweden; Daniel Larsen Johansen – Norway.

Producer: Eden Maclachlan

Published on: 8th of September 2023

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Long rain the Nordic Studentradio network!

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Studentradio stations across the Nordics are opening up again after the long summer break and starting to broadcast.

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Lost in the North – Ep.8 The Cold War and the Nordics

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Lost in the North – Ep.7

🌍🔎 In this week’s episode we are join joined by Nicola Witcombe, Gaëtan Gamba and Rosanna Farbøl as we discuss and the New Nordic Lexicon, an ongoing research dissemination project at Aarhus University. To hear more about looking beyond the clichés of the Nordics and learn more about the Nordics countries, check out the episode on Spotify!

Nordljud music update week 18

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