Nordljud News Weekend – Gothenburg 2023

Gothenburg. Photo: Pasi Mämmelä / Pixabay

In just a few days, the Nordljud News team will meet for a long weekend in 🇸🇪 Gothenburg!

Are you in Gothenburg from the 11-13 November and would like to join us? Make sure you scroll all the way down and fill in the form!

It has been over three years now since the first joint board meeting between Studentradion i Sverige and Studentradioen i Norge. This was the start of what then became Nordljud, The Nordic Studentradio network.

The News Team is the baby within the bigger project, as it´s only a few months old.

We first started developing the news concept a year ago, when we met in 🇳🇴 Bergen. This was also the first time we got to see many of our stations’ representatives in real life.

Broadcasting from Studentradioen i Bergen

In Bergen we brainstormed on how the Nordic Studentradio News concept should take shape.

Nordljud Team in Bergen, 2022.

At the beginning of 2023 we kicked off the work with a fantastic course by Sveriges Radio P3 and NRK P3 during which we got to learn from the pros how radio news is made in an engaging way.

Radio News workshop by NRK P3 with reporter Jesper Nondal.

Shortly after we started producing our own news, in our first episode one of our reporters interviewiewd the Prime Minsiter of Norway!

Birte Kamille Øen interviewing Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Bergen. Photo credit: Helena Knag

Since then we worked on improving the format, both when it comes to sound but also in regards to our website and social media.

The evolution of of Nordljud News graphics over the months

In just a few days, from the 11th to the 13th of November 2023, the Nordljud News Team will gather in Gothenburg for a long weekend of activities including team-building, talking about improvements and producing radio together.

Nordljud meeting at Radio AF in Lund. April 2023

It’s especially a time for us to return to the drawing board. What works well? What can be improved? How can we make our Nordic Studentradio News more interesting and relevant for our audience? Thanks to these questions we aim to continue developing Nordljud News, that to date is one of the few (or possibly the only) newsrooms that produces a Nordic-level news broadcast.

Nordljud team visiting NRK in Media City Bergen. October 2022.

We would not have got this far if it wasn’t for all the studentradio members from the different stations who worked hard in building the project from scratch and dedicating time and passion into developing the collaboration.

Particular thanks to Nordic Culture Point for supporting us from the very start and providing the financial means for running the project and covering the costs of when we meet in person.

Hear our latest Nordljud News Pod episode:

Nordljud News Pod is available on Spotify.

Nordljud Talk is back, with Hilde Sandvik

Scandinavian journalist Hilde Sandvik will be our guest speaker at the upcoming Nordljud Talk!

>>> Zoom link: <<<

Yes, it’s been a while since our last Nordljud Talk so it’s about time to open the doors of our digital meeting room to start talking again about Nordics and the media. And what better way to start off the new year than with an experienced journalist that works in Scandinavian?

Hilde Sandvik, is a Norwegian journalist based in Bergen, with many years of experience and a strong passion for the Nordic project. For over two years she has been running a collaborative show on Scandinavian public service radios.

Speaking a common ‘Scandinavian language’, a mixture of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, is something Hilde believes in a lot and does both professionally and privately.

In October, during the Nordljud Weekend in Bergen, part of the team caught up with Hilde and spoke about Scandinavian identity, how to surpass the difficulties in understanding each other and the way many Scandinavians tend to switch into English, for simplicity.

Eva, Alex and Eden from the Nordljud team met Hilde Sandvik in Bergen (2022).

The Nordljud Talk will take place digitally on the 6th of February 2023 and is open to all Student Radio members in the Nordic countries plus staff students & alumni of JMG, Gothenburg university.

>>> Zoom link: <<<

Hilde Sandvik, is the mastermind and Norwegian radio host of the only radio show in ‘Scandinavian language’, broadcast on Norwegian, Swedish and Danish public service radios. Have a listen to Norsken, svenken og dansken here.

Nordljud’s Talk – Edita Kudláčová

On the 20th of April at 18:00 CET, Nordljud, in partnership with JMG, is proud to host a talk with senior radio strategist and the European Broadcasting Union’s Head of Radio – Edita Kudláčová.

From working with international collaborations and as head of creative producer at Czech public service radio, Edita Kudlacova got chosen to be the Head of Radio at EBU, which works to connect all public service companies in Europe. In her current position she coordinates audio producers, and international institutions on everything radio & audio related.

You might have heard of the EBU for being the organisational machine behind international events such as the ‘Eurovision song contest’ or the ‘Vienna New Year’s Concert’ – but what do they do beyond that and how do they work?

Working collaboratively across borders has many advantages and surpassing the cultural differences at interpersonal level and organisational differences at institutional level is part of Edita Kudlacova’s everyday workline.

Register now:

This event is proudly supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Masterclass with Maddy Savage and Ann Törnkvist

Yesterday we held our first ever Masterclass with two fantastic freelance journalists who shared their experience and gave useful tips on ‘how to pitch’ to studentradio broadcasters from across the Nordics.

Thanks to Maddy Savage and Ann Törnkvist for such an inspiring session!

Online Masterclass with Maddy Savage & Ann Törnkvist – 10th January 2022 – 18:00 CEST

Maddy Savage & Ann Törnkvist

Nordljud, is proud to announce that on the 10th of January at 18:00 CEST, we will be hosting an online Masterclass with renowned freelance journalists Maddy Savage and Ann Törnkvist.

Maddy and Ann have many years of experience in the industry and will talk about their career, what steps they took to get to where they are now and also share some useful tips for pitching and how to present a good idea/project to media production companies. There will then be a Q&A, where you get the chance to ask your questions to professionals.

The masterclass will be hosted in English! The event is reserved to members of Nordic Studentradio organisations and is free of charge. You are not a member of a studentradio station? Why not join one! More info on local studentradio stations in Sweden >

In order to attend, please fill this form, you will receive the link to the event by email closer to the time:

The deadline to sign up is: 07/01/2022

More detailed info on our speakers – coming soon!