Creation of online micro-courses for radio production

Student and community radio are facing many challenges in a fast changing world. A common challenge is to ensure high quality and accuracy of information and news produced by its broadcasters. Many do not realize the power of the tool they have in their hands and how it can affect, but also influence their audience, listeners and societies. 

This project, driven by Studentradion i Sverige, LAB UAS and Turku UAS, aims to improve student/community radio broadcasting by providing an educational program for student and community radio broadcasters across the Nordics and Europe. We intend to create a free, short, easy to consume online micro-course for radio production, covering topics like responsible media production, community engagement and fact-checking. 

Therefore, we need your help to better understand your organization, but also the needs and the challenges you are facing as a radio broadcaster. As a result, we will be able to better understand which areas the micro-course should focus on.

The resulting micro-course will be a cost-effective and efficient tool for radio production training at the disposal of Nordic student and community radio, ultimately enhancing radio production in the Nordic region and Europe through network sharing, and accessible on Nordljud’s website.