Lost in the North – S2.E4 Nordic stereotypes

:thought_balloon: What stereotypes and clichés are there about the Nordics, and are they really true? In this episode of Lost In The North recorded in Göteborg, Marcus is joined by Birk, Magdalena, Katariina, and Vilhem to discuss how Nordic populations perceive each other and the various misconceptions that exist about our countries. What lies behind the Sweden-Norway rivalry? What makes Danish people so “cool”? Is there truth to the cliché that Nordic people are somewhat closed off?
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Lost in the North – S2.E3 Gender equality in the Nordics

⚖️ Are the Nordic countries truly as progressive as we think they are when it comes to gender equality? In the new episode of Lost In The North, the team addresses how the Nordics came to be synonymous with defending women’s rights, and which policies are currently implemented to advance gender equality. Listen to the latest episode of Lost In The North by clicking the link in our bio!

This podcast is produced by Nordljud and recorded at Radio AF’s station in Lund, Sweden.

Lost in the North – S2.E2 Freedom of speech in the Nordics

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: In this episode, join the team in discussing what freedom of speech looks like in the Nordic countries and how the summer’s events have reignited debates about what it should entail.

:studio_microphone: Magdalena Johnson and Alex Maxia were at the Göteborg Book Fair and interviewed the hosts of the podcast ‘Norsken, svensken og dansken’. Listen to Hilde Sandvik, Åsa Lindeborg and Hassan Preisler explain how their Scandinavian project started and why their favourite discussion topic is – very fittingly – freedom of speech!

:notes: Mattias recounts his experience at the Trevarefest music festival in Henningsær, Norway. This will definitely make you want to head to the Lofoten islands to listen to Nordic pop music!

Lost in the North – S2.E1 What happened in the Nordics over the summer?

:rolled_up_newspaper::tv: Didn’t have time to follow Nordic politics this summer?
Not to worry, we’re kicking off this brand new ‘Lost in the North’ season by bringing you up to date with the latest Nordic news.
We discuss everything from how climate change is impacting Nordic summers, to recent political scandals in Norway and Finland, and how we can test a person’s knowledge of the Danish language.
Join Mattias, Marcus, Anita and Saga in the latest episode of Lost In The North!

Lost in the North – Ep.8 The Cold War and the Nordics

📖🌍 Interested in learning more about how the Cold War played out in the Nordics? Listen to this week’s episode with Rosanna Farbøl, a researcher at the Department of Media and Communication at Lund University. Join us as we delve further into how the Cold War shaped the Nordics countries and their relations. 

Lost in the North – Ep.7 Nordics.info

🌍🔎 In this week’s episode we are join joined by Nicola Witcombe, Gaëtan Gamba and Rosanna Farbøl as we discuss Nordics.info and the New Nordic Lexicon, an ongoing research dissemination project at Aarhus University. To hear more about looking beyond the clichés of the Nordics and learn more about the Nordics countries, check out the episode on Spotify!

Lost in the North – Ep.5 Språk och språkbad

🗣🇫🇮 In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Siv Björklund, expert in linguistics and the Finnish ‘språkbad’. Learn more about the Finnish and Swedish languages in Finland, different methods to learn a language and the benefits of growing up bilingual! The latest #LostInTheNorth episode is available on our Spotify page.