Lost in the North – S2.E2 Freedom of speech in the Nordics

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: In this episode, join the team in discussing what freedom of speech looks like in the Nordic countries and how the summer’s events have reignited debates about what it should entail.

:studio_microphone: Magdalena Johnson and Alex Maxia were at the Göteborg Book Fair and interviewed the hosts of the podcast ‘Norsken, svensken og dansken’. Listen to Hilde Sandvik, Åsa Lindeborg and Hassan Preisler explain how their Scandinavian project started and why their favourite discussion topic is – very fittingly – freedom of speech!

:notes: Mattias recounts his experience at the Trevarefest music festival in Henningsær, Norway. This will definitely make you want to head to the Lofoten islands to listen to Nordic pop music!

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