Women in Iceland go on strike for equal pay & Sweden is losing highly educated labor to Denmark.

The Nordic Studentradio News podcast for week 44, 2023.

News Presenter: Elvira Hodzic

Reporters:  Sara Ek & Magdalena Johnson in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Producer: Eden Maclachlan

Published on: 3rd of November 2023

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Nordljud News Weekend – Gothenburg 2023

Gothenburg. Photo: Pasi Mämmelä / Pixabay

In just a few days, the Nordljud News team will meet for a long weekend in 🇸🇪 Gothenburg!

Are you in Gothenburg from the 11-13 November and would like to join us? Make sure you scroll all the way down and fill in the form!

It has been over three years now since the first joint board meeting between Studentradion i Sverige and Studentradioen i Norge. This was the start of what then became Nordljud, The Nordic Studentradio network.

The News Team is the baby within the bigger project, as it´s only a few months old.

We first started developing the news concept a year ago, when we met in 🇳🇴 Bergen. This was also the first time we got to see many of our stations’ representatives in real life.

Broadcasting from Studentradioen i Bergen

In Bergen we brainstormed on how the Nordic Studentradio News concept should take shape.

Nordljud Team in Bergen, 2022.

At the beginning of 2023 we kicked off the work with a fantastic course by Sveriges Radio P3 and NRK P3 during which we got to learn from the pros how radio news is made in an engaging way.

Radio News workshop by NRK P3 with reporter Jesper Nondal.

Shortly after we started producing our own news, in our first episode one of our reporters interviewiewd the Prime Minsiter of Norway!

Birte Kamille Øen interviewing Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Bergen. Photo credit: Helena Knag

Since then we worked on improving the format, both when it comes to sound but also in regards to our website and social media.

The evolution of of Nordljud News graphics over the months

In just a few days, from the 11th to the 13th of November 2023, the Nordljud News Team will gather in Gothenburg for a long weekend of activities including team-building, talking about improvements and producing radio together.

Nordljud meeting at Radio AF in Lund. April 2023

It’s especially a time for us to return to the drawing board. What works well? What can be improved? How can we make our Nordic Studentradio News more interesting and relevant for our audience? Thanks to these questions we aim to continue developing Nordljud News, that to date is one of the few (or possibly the only) newsrooms that produces a Nordic-level news broadcast.

Nordljud team visiting NRK in Media City Bergen. October 2022.

We would not have got this far if it wasn’t for all the studentradio members from the different stations who worked hard in building the project from scratch and dedicating time and passion into developing the collaboration.

Particular thanks to Nordic Culture Point for supporting us from the very start and providing the financial means for running the project and covering the costs of when we meet in person.

Hear our latest Nordljud News Pod episode:

Nordljud News Pod is available on Spotify.

Nordljud survey: how is life for international students in Scandinavia?

Photo: Redd F / Unsplash

Nordljud is on a mission to find out what life is like for internationals who choose to study in Scandinavia, in particular in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Oslo.

We will be publishing the results on Nordljud News and making a longer podcast reportage and share our findings, later this year.

This is a collaborative project together with Spionen, Gothenburg’s Student newspaper, Radio Nova – Oslo’s Studentradio and Globalnyt, an online magazine in Denmark.

Are you an international student in one of these three cities or do you know anyone that is? Then please help us by sharing the link to this post – it would help us a lot!

Thank you very much

Alex Maxia


🇩🇰 Survey for International students in Copenaghen (and surrounding areas)

🇸🇪 Survey for International students in Gothenburg (and surrounding areas)

🇳🇴 Survey for International students in Oslo (and surrounding areas)

Group photo with the members of the Nordljud Spionen team
The Nordljud – Spionen team working together in reporting on life for international students in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Oslo. From top left: Jazz Munteanu, Maya Lagerholm, Benjamin Nordtømme, Alexander Maxia & Lasse Sørensen.
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REPORT | Skandinavisk podcast intar scenen på Göteborgs Bokmässa

Göteborg, Sverige

*This report is in Scandinavian. Here you can listen to a version in English.*

  • Den skandinaviska podden “Norsken, Svensken og Dansken” intog scenen på Göteborgs Bokmässa. Programvärdarna Hilde Sandvik, Åsa Lindeborg och Hassan Preisler pratade med Nordljud om hur programmet startade, vikten av att prata skandinaviska och vad deras favoritdiskussionsämne är.

Reportrar: Magdalena Johnson & Alexander Maxia

Producent: Eden Maclachlan

Find more information about Nordljud News and our reporting on our News page. For questions, comments and news tips – get in touch: news.nordljud@studentradion.se

Nobel prize in literature, Scandinavian podcast & the Norwegian Red Youth Party addressed the climate crisis and its severe consequences

The Nordic Studentradio News podcast for week 40, 2023.

Jon Fosse was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

Scandinavian podcast takes the stage at Gothenburg’s Book Fair.

The Norwegian Red Youth Party addressed the climate crisis and its severe consequences.

News Presenter: Sara Ek

Reporters: Magdalena Johnson & Alexander Maxia in Gothenburg, Sweden; Birk Cock Aschjem & Borghild Rauø in Trondheim, Norway.

Producer: Eden Maclachlan

Published on: 6th of October 2023

Find more information about Nordljud News and our reporting, check out our News homepage. For questions, comments and news tips – get in touch: news.nordljud@studentradion.se

Over 2000 investigative journalists gather in Gothenburg, despite security challenges

Special Edition of the Nordic Studentradion Network from GIJC 2023

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) gathered over 2000 journalists in Gothenburg. Nordljud interviewed Ulla Sätereie, president of the Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism, Carina Pierre Rochard from Fojo Media Institute and the outgoing executive director of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, David E. Kaplan, about the conference and the state of investigative journalism.

Reporter: Alexander Maxia

Producer: Eden Maclachlan

Music: Muckrakers

Published on: 29th of September 2023

Find more information about Nordljud News and our reporting, check out our News homepage. For questions, comments and news tips – get in touch: news.nordljud@studentradion.se

Long rain the Nordic Studentradio network!

Looks like its time to pack away the deck chairs and find shelter in our natural habitat – the radio studios!

Studentradio stations across the Nordics are opening up again after the long summer break and starting to broadcast.

Soon enough, so will we..

Starting with Nordljud News which is back on air on Thursday the 7th of September.

Are you considering joining the Nordic Studentradio team?

You’re still in time! Check out the positions that are still available for Autumn and fill in the form to express your interests, we will be in touch!

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Do you want to be part of the team?

Have you ever though of being a part of a team that is building the Nordic Studentradio network?

Then this is the right call out for you!

We are looking for team members to join different projects within the Nordic collaboration starting after the summer break in mid-august.

For now, our collaboration mainly focuses on:

  • Music – Nordljud Playlist & Music Rotation
  • News – Nordljud News & Nordljud Report
  • Live Radio show – Lost in the North

What are you are interested in doing?

Find out more and fill in the form here and we will get in touch as soon as possible!

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Nordljud Talk is back, with Hilde Sandvik

Scandinavian journalist Hilde Sandvik will be our guest speaker at the upcoming Nordljud Talk!

>>> Zoom link: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/61007539824 <<<

Yes, it’s been a while since our last Nordljud Talk so it’s about time to open the doors of our digital meeting room to start talking again about Nordics and the media. And what better way to start off the new year than with an experienced journalist that works in Scandinavian?

Hilde Sandvik, is a Norwegian journalist based in Bergen, with many years of experience and a strong passion for the Nordic project. For over two years she has been running a collaborative show on Scandinavian public service radios.

Speaking a common ‘Scandinavian language’, a mixture of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, is something Hilde believes in a lot and does both professionally and privately.

In October, during the Nordljud Weekend in Bergen, part of the team caught up with Hilde and spoke about Scandinavian identity, how to surpass the difficulties in understanding each other and the way many Scandinavians tend to switch into English, for simplicity.

Eva, Alex and Eden from the Nordljud team met Hilde Sandvik in Bergen (2022).

The Nordljud Talk will take place digitally on the 6th of February 2023 and is open to all Student Radio members in the Nordic countries plus staff students & alumni of JMG, Gothenburg university.

>>> Zoom link: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/61007539824 <<<

Hilde Sandvik, is the mastermind and Norwegian radio host of the only radio show in ‘Scandinavian language’, broadcast on Norwegian, Swedish and Danish public service radios. Have a listen to Norsken, svenken og dansken here.