UN’s vice general sec. warns about climate crisis during Uppsala lecture

Dag Hammarsköld lecture in Uppsala University's Hall, 23 February 2023. Photo: Axel Lundsrtöm

Uppsala, Sweden

  • The United Nation’s vice general secretary Amina J Mohammaed held a lecture at Uppsala University to talk about the state of the world today.
  • In her talk she highlighted several challenges the world is facing from the war in Ukraine, to the climate crisis and the increasing threat of terrorism in Africa: “In the Sahel, a lack of development, the climate crisis and government weaknesses are being exploited by terrorists”
  • Amina Mohammed’s lecture was dedicated to the memory of Dag Hammarskjöld, who died in a plane crash on duty as General Secretary of the UN in 1962.

Axel Lundström, in Uppsala – Sweden – Studentradion 98,9 – news.nordljud@studentradion.se

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Nordljud Spring 2023 week 8

We’ve updated our playlist with new Nordic bangers‼️ Check the artists and our playlist on Spotify: Nordljud Spring 2023🤝

Week 8 | Chat GPT, Cyberattacks and Gothenburg Rock band reunites

  • Students across Scandinavia accused of cheating after using Chat GPT
  • Some universities are considering changing the way they do exams
  • Cyberattacks against several university websites in Sweden
  • Gothenburg Rock band “Soundtrack of our Lives” reunites this Summer
Chat GPT in action. Graphics: Morten Stene

News Presenter: Alva Rosengren Reporter: Morten Stene – in Bergen, Norway Research: Johannes Corshammar Producer: Alexander Maxia

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Nordljud Talk is back, with Hilde Sandvik

Scandinavian journalist Hilde Sandvik will be our guest speaker at the upcoming Nordljud Talk!

>>> Zoom link: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/61007539824 <<<

Yes, it’s been a while since our last Nordljud Talk so it’s about time to open the doors of our digital meeting room to start talking again about Nordics and the media. And what better way to start off the new year than with an experienced journalist that works in Scandinavian?

Hilde Sandvik, is a Norwegian journalist based in Bergen, with many years of experience and a strong passion for the Nordic project. For over two years she has been running a collaborative show on Scandinavian public service radios.

Speaking a common ‘Scandinavian language’, a mixture of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, is something Hilde believes in a lot and does both professionally and privately.

In October, during the Nordljud Weekend in Bergen, part of the team caught up with Hilde and spoke about Scandinavian identity, how to surpass the difficulties in understanding each other and the way many Scandinavians tend to switch into English, for simplicity.

Eva, Alex and Eden from the Nordljud team met Hilde Sandvik in Bergen (2022).

The Nordljud Talk will take place digitally on the 6th of February 2023 and is open to all Student Radio members in the Nordic countries plus staff students & alumni of JMG, Gothenburg university.

>>> Zoom link: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/61007539824 <<<

Hilde Sandvik, is the mastermind and Norwegian radio host of the only radio show in ‘Scandinavian language’, broadcast on Norwegian, Swedish and Danish public service radios. Have a listen to Norsken, svenken og dansken here.