Nordljud: an exciting year ahead

K103 Studentradio Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Photo: Eva Gustavfsson.

As the Nordic Studentradio stations re-open after the summer holidays, Nordljud will resume its activities.

Thanks to newly received funding from Nordic Culture Point there will be a  news project, in addition to the already existing activities.

The possibility of joining a ‘Nordic  Studentradio News Team’ will further give opportunities for students interested in radio  broadcasting and journalism to collaborate on a cross-border Nordic news production.

This is pioneering! If you look around at both private and public service media there has not  been a Nordic news edition so far. We obviously cannot compete in budget and  organisational capacity, we are mostly just students and young journalists, but our ambitions  are big and we hope to inspire more pan-Nordic collaborations. I believe we have a lot to gain from  working together!”, says Nordljud’s co-founder Alex Maxia.

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